Prayer Love God – A Prayer For Loved Ones

Prayer Love God

Prayer Love God

Prayer Love God: Our family and loved ones are the people around whom our life revolves. We cannot fathom even in the wildest of our nightmares for something bad to happen to them. But the world that we live in today has left us with no choice. Its horrid and difficult realities leave us insecure and worried about what might happen next. But our loving father, in heaven, is always there to guide and protect us from the atrocities of life, and by reading this prayer for loved ones; we assure that he would look after them.

Any prayer read with faith, love, and belief will be manifested. There are no exceptions. So it is in the best interest that we keep our weapons to combat-ready when the problem comes. There is no greater power than the power of the lord and there is no love like the love of God. This is a prayer for the loved ones that can serve many purposes. It can heal the illnesses, minimize the tensions, pacify the anxiety, and protect from any harm that might be inflicted upon us.

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A Prayer For Loved Ones

A Prayer For Loved OnesA prayer for the loved ones will Guard them against the illness and ailment and will give them strength. It will also protect them from their enemies and will give them the courage to face them.  A prayer love God will help them to always be in the service of God and guide them to do their duties faithfully.  It will and take away your pain and suffering.

Everyone desires an honest and loving life partner and you are more than lucky if you have found one. We should always thank the Lord for providing us with what we need. He is the ultimate creator and the provider and we should always be grateful for His love. The best way to thank him is to read the prayer love god. This prayer is the best way to show your love and appreciation for Him. You can also offer a prayer for the one I love to thank God and also to maintain a loving relationship.

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A Prayer For The One I Love

A Prayer For The One I LoveThe prayer is the means to connect to god and tell him your desires and express your love and gratitude. This prayer will also protect your partner and your relationship from any unforeseen circumstances and will pave the way to marriage. A prayer for the one I love can also be recited if you have lost them due to the misunderstandings between you two and now want them back in your life. There is no limit to the miracles a prayer can do. All you have to do is believe in it and have faith in the lord.

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You can even bring the love and attraction back in the failing relationship. These prayers are very healing and have the power to solve every problem. The prayer love God is the guiding light in our darkest of hours.

You should never forget to pray love God every day and express your thankfulness for his miracles. May you be blessed with the love and abundance of joy in your life and relationships!

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