Prayer To God For My Lover – Prayer of Love For God

Prayer for My Lover

Prayer To God for Lover

We always want to make sure that the ones we love are safe, healthy, happy, and protected. Our lives revolve around them and we can’t even imagine living without the ones we love. When we are in a romantic relationship with someone, it is obvious to worry and fret about when the relationship is endangered. Sometimes the relationship is affected by the internal conflicts of our partners and sometimes the other people and factors are responsible for it. Reading the prayer to God for lover is the best way to ensure that your relationship is protected.

The prayer for my lover has massive benefits. We are humans and we are bound to make mistakes in the relationships, hurt the ones we love, and might get distracted sometimes. The prayer to god for a lover is for such times when there the distances between you and your partner have grown due to the misunderstandings and fights. If you feel that the relationship is suffering and nothing is going right, it is the best choice to surrender ourselves to God. He will always show us the right way and will lead us with his light.

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Prayer for My Lover

Prayer To God for Lover
Read this prayer for my lover if you want to narrow down the distances between you two and rekindle the love and affection in the relationship.

“I bow down to you to show me the right path for my relationship. Please tell me what I should do to make things better. I know I have made really terrible choices in the past. I was not able to see clearly the impact of my actions on my relationship. Please make me see things clearly and help me to make amends for my relationship. I love my partner and together we want to serve you, my Lord. Please bring us back together and promote compassion and forgiveness. I the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!”

Prayer For Love for God

Prayer For Love for God
When God grants our wishes and fulfills our desires, it is important to thank Him. We must never forget that God is always looking upon us and protecting us even when we feel that we are alone. This is why we should always thank our Lord by reading the prayer for love for God. This prayer is used to express the gratitude towards the loving father in heaven who always protects us from the above. We might not always see the loving hand of the god on our head in the times of suffering and misery but He always protects his children.

You can use the prayer for my lover for ensuring the safety of your lover when you are not around. The world that we live in is full of uncertainties and we always want to make sure that our loved ones are safe. Reading the prayer to god for a lover is the best way to ensure the safety and protection of the lover.

We hope that you live in an abundance of health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

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