Remedies For Late Marriage and Early Marriage

Remedies For Early Marriage

Remedies For Late Marriage

Many youngsters fall prey to the stress and worry about late marriage. Many factors cause the delay in the marriage. From the physical appearance, financial crisis to the astrological problems, anything can cause a delay in the marriage of the person. Today we will be sharing with you the remedies for late marriage that you can use to resolve the anxiety around the delay in the marriage.

For the ones who are struggling to find a suitable life partner, we recommend you to follow the remedies for early marriage. These remedies have been curated after extensive research and are very effective in removing the obstacles from the path of the marriage. As there can be numerous factors that might be causing the delay in the marriage, you should first get your kundali checked to see if there are any astrological reasons. After that according to your problem, you can use any of the remedies that suit your requirement:

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Remedies For Early Marriage

Remedies For Late Marriage

  1. One of the best remedies for late marriage is to worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati together. Tied the sacred thread around them and pray for the union with your life partner. You can also offer water with milk and flowers in it to avoid the delay in marriage.
  2. Worship the banana tree on Thursday and observe the fast on Thursday. Read the vrat katha and offer Prasad to the little girls in the temple. This is one of the best remedies for late marriage as it helps to strengthen your planets of marriage.

Remedies For Early Marriage:

  1. One of the best remedies for early marriage is to chant the Katyayni mantra. This mantra is meant to remove all the obstacles from the path of the marriage. It will bring you, desirable marriage partner.
  2. Unmarried girls should fast on Monday for the 16 Mondays consecutively. Worship lord Shiva and pray for the early marriage with the desirable life partner. You will start getting very good marriage proposals in no time.

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Remedies For Love Marriage

Remedies For Love Marriage

  1. Chant this Durga saptashimantra 108 times in front of the idol of the Durga Mata, “या देवी सर्वभुतेशू माहा गौरी रूपेन समसिहिता नमस्तसाये नमस्तस्यै नमस्ते नमस्ते नमः नमः नमः नमः नमः नमः। After chanting the mantra you must do the aarti seven times with the water-filled in any copper utensil. Thisis the best remedies for love marriage as this helps in convincing the parents for love marriage.
  2. Other remedies for love marriage include chanting vashikaran mantras to convince parents and the partner for love marriage. You can avail of the vashikaran mantras by contacting our experts.

If you have any questions regarding anything, you can contact us on the given numbers. If you wish to get the vashikaran mantras and more remedies for late marriage, our experts can provide you with them. You will also be guided about the right procedure top to carry out these remedies. Call us now for the best services!

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